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Week 6, Term One, 2020

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On Thursday 20 February our Somerset Spartans participated in the Junior School APS Swimming Carnival and we finished with some outstanding team and individual results at the conclusion of the day. Overall in the Aggregate placings as a team we finished in fourth place.

In our Team meeting to begin the day we discussed our goal of coming in the Top Four, and the students delivered!

Congratulation to the following for some amazing individual/ age group achievements:

Lucy Pluss - Third place Age Champion - 9 Years Girls
10 Years Boys - Third place in their age group
12 Years Girls - First place in their age group

Overall our Girls came in third place and our Boys in fourth place among the eight schools.

The following students were selected from the APS Carnival to compete at the Regional Swimming Carnival this week on Monday 2 March; Malorie Gell (12 years), Mia Miles (12 years), Olympia Pope (12 years), Jacob Moir (10 years) and Zac Moir (12 years). There were some outstanding results at the Regional Swimming Carnival with Malorie, Mia, Olympia and Zac all being selected into the Regional team to compete at the State Championships.

Congratulations to all students involved.

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