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Big Truck Visit for Pre-Prep




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Week 5, Term Three, 2018

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This week Mr Wade Clark (parent of Christopher and Evelyn Clark) brought in a very large Boral truck and the trailer (dog) to Pre-Prep. The young students had the most amazing experience, with an opportunity to sit behind the steering wheel.

Mr Clark explained that the huge Boral truck is used to make cement and concrete for buildings such as our schools and homes. The huge truck can hold up to six elephants and when the back is tilted can reach the height of two giraffes!!

2018 - T3 - W5 - pre prep (2)

Hamish Rose commented that he got to climb into the truck and loved it so much. He thanked Somerset for allowing Mr Clark to come to our class, as it was just amazing.

A lifetime memory created.

Thank you Mr Clark.

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