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Bouncing Back in Year 3




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Week 3, Term One, 2019

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Life is not always fun and easy and this week Year 3 Students participated in a workshop that explored strategies to help when things get tough. What do we do when we feel worried or anxious about a problem?

The Students discovered that the answer was resilience.

Resilience is a fancy word that means being able to deal or cope with difficult situations in life. A resilient person is able to bounce back and keep going when things get tough and maintain their sense of who they are as a person.

Students learnt that there are many different abilities to being resilient:

• Bounce back and cope effectively in the face of difficulties.
• Bend, but not break under extreme stress.
• Rebound from adversities.
• Handle setbacks, persevere and adapt even when things go awry.
• Maintain equilibrium following highly aversive events.

The Bouncing Back workshop was a great chance for students to role play and apply these skills in social situations. Here are some of the student’s comments:

Showing kindness helps someone and makes me feel good too.

I can show resilience when I have a problem on the playground.

If something goes wrong, I know it will always get better.

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