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Week 7, Term One, 2018

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Chinese Lantern Festival – Yuán xiāo jié – 元宵节 is on March 2 this year. It is the 15th day of the Chinese New Year celebration, when the full moon appears for the first time in the new lunar year.

The Latern Festival marks the end of the CNY celebrations. On the evening of the Lantern Festival, people go out to watch the lantern shows and guess lantern riddles. Children carry lanterns and join in the lantern parade. Yuán xiāo (Sticky rice ball) – 元宵 is the traditional food for the Lantern Festival, as it is as round as the full moon.

After a warm welcome of the New Year on 16 February, our students in the ELP enjoyed a variety of Lunar New Year activities during their Mandarin lessons and over the course of their New Year celebration. Our Prep to Year 2 students thoroughly enjoyed the tastes of the special Lunar New Year food and snacks. Prep friends were very excited to meet our guest Chinese chef Tony Lee, who demonstrated Chinese cooking to the students, followed by delicious food tasting. Pre-Prep friends were excited to design their own dragon craft and painted their very own lantern, which they proudly presented during a lantern parade on the Lantern Festival.

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