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Digital Licences Awarded for Important Online Skills




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Week 8, Term Four, 2019

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Our Year 6 students have had regular face to face Digital Licence classes throughout the year and this week received their Digital Licence. The programme focuses on teaching children what they need to know to look out for when they are online to be smart and safe.

The online environment provides a wealth of information, entertainment and access to many tools. It also contains unknown threats and these can be ever changing, something that can be challenging enough for adults. Through this programme our Year 6 students have become confident in detecting phishing emails, detecting fake websites and know what to look for in a legitimate website. They’ve also looked at their devices and considered why it is important to set their operating system to automatically update.

2019 - T4 - W8 - Digital Licence

Just like a driver’s licence for a car, we know that receiving a digital licence does not mean they know everything they will ever need to know. Being eSmart means knowing that there are always new risks, and new things we can be doing to help protect ourselves. The Digital Licence encourages our students to be thoughtful about their online use and provides a great foundation as they transition into secondary school and continue to learn about the need to be safe, smart and responsible online.

The Alannah and Madeleine Foundation has the following tips for parents on how you can be part of your children’s eSmart journey as well -
• “Take an interest in – and understand - what your kids are doing online.
• Make talking about the online world part of everyday conversations with your kids.
• Set house rules about internet access and usage.
Educate yourself. Know what services, games etc your kids are using and familiarise yourself with the types of interactions, privacy settings and reporting mechanisms.”

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