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Fun with Trucks in Pre-Prep




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Week 9, Term Three, 2019

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This week Pre-Prep has enjoyed a very special visit from Mr Wade Clark from Boral Trucks. The Fire Department also stopped by before being called to a bush fire in the Valley.

Mr Clark (parent of Christopher and Evelyn) explained to us the size and weight of the enormous truck and the trailer truck called, the dog.

We learnt just how important a job the truck and the team at Boral are in finding ways to help the Community. Our PYP Unit of Inquiry for this term in Pre-Prep is 'Communities find ways to help and support one another'.

Thank you Mr Clark for this very exciting and interesting visit. We each had a turn to sit in the cabin and behind the wheel.

The Fire Department visited us for a short period also. They were called to attend a bush fire in the Valley.

These are memorable and valuable experiences for the young learner.

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