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History Lessons and Activities Day in Year 2




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Week 10, Term Three, 2019

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Year 2 have been participating in events over the last couple of weeks. A special visitor shared local history about the College, the cohort enjoyed a trip to the Heritage Museum and all had fun on Activities Day.

Mr Aitkenhead’s Visit

Mr Aitkenhead visited our classroom 16 September, to talk about how Somerset College began. I found out that buildings were named after special people such as the Aitkenhead building was named after Mr Aitkenhead and the Rowe building named after Mr Rowe. I then discovered only 150 students came to Somerset College when it opened and Mrs Kiddle was one of them!

After, Mr Aitkenhead told us that there used to be a lot of wallabies and platypus at Somerset College. It was very interesting learning about how Somerset College has changed.

Elijah Hadikusumo

Heritage Museum

Year 2 went to the Gold Coast Hinterland Heritage Museum for our Unit of Inquiry on 3 September. Firstly, I went in a group to the train station. We saw lots of war and train stuff. Next we went to the slab hut where we saw a bathtub that was very old, and we also saw very old beds.

After, we went to Oakey House. There was a very hard bed and next to it there was a mailbox and it was also used for cleaning your shoes. We then visited the big shed that had a general store and butcher's shop. They had a medicine box, Weetbix box and an item that was used for cleaning windows. At the other end of the shed was a tent where sometimes babies could have been born.

We then went across to Franklin House which had many things from an old house. There was a very big TV, an old toaster that could flip toast so it didn’t burn and a room full of typewriters. We got to have a go on them and practice our typing.

Finally we went to the school room where we sat on desks and listened to what the volunteer said. She said there was no homework because the students had lots of chores and there was only about 30 children in the whole school. I liked the Heritage Museum and I hope I can go again.

Chloe Tu

Year 2 Activities Day

Year 2 Activities Day was enjoyed by all on Friday 13 September. Firstly, in my group we did cartooning and an amazing artist came. She taught us how to draw fast and how to turn us how to draw fast and how to turn a mistake into something even better! Secondly, we went to Gecko Sports and we did lots of fun things. For example, we played poison ball. I stayed in for two rounds. It was so fun!

We the helped build the Great Wall of China out of paper bags at the Library with Mrs Zernike. First we coloured the paper bags with pastels. We drew things like soldiers, bits of the Great Wall and brazier. Braziers were used to send smoke signals when enemies were coming and also just to keep light. We made the Great Wall because we have been studying the Great Wall of China in the Library.

We then went to the back of the Roberts Centre and ate pizza. I ate Hawaiian pizza. After pizza we watched a movie, The Emperor’s New Groove. It was really funny!

Mia Brennan

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