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How Human-made Systems Connect People




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Week 7,
Term Two, 2016

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Year 2 have been learning about how human-made systems connect people. Our Unit of Inquiry is part of How We Organise Ourselves and the key concepts we have been exploring are connection and borders.

To explore this further we have investigated the geographical features of our world using a variety of resources including; globes, poster maps, Bee Bots, Barefoot Atlas App on the iPads, Google Map searches and atlases.

We have loved finding out about the States of Australia and continents of the World. We even rearranged the classroom to represent the seven different Continents, Oceans, Equator and Tropic Lines.

For our STAR Time (Show and Tell sharing) we discovered and presented the many connections each of our Year 2 students have around the world. Throughout the inquiry we have also been exploring the different human-made systems that help us stay connected; for example communication or transport systems; and what happens when these systems fail or stop working!

During Information and Literacy time with Miss Rosentreater the students have been forming connections with students from around the world using Odizzi. They have enjoyed asking many questions about systems and discovering the similarities and differences when staying connected.

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