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“How Objects Move” – Prep Science Show




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Week 3,
Term Two, 2016

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This week Prep friends enjoyed being involved in the hands-on 'Big Bang Education' Science Show. This show relates to our current inquiry into how objects move in different ways. This inquiry comes under the transdisciplinary theme, “How the World Works”.

Students are exploring the different characteristics of objects and how objects and living things move in different ways. During the show students had the chance to experiment with a range of different objects and made some interesting discoveries about how and why the objects moved in different ways. These experiments helped consolidate the science concepts of forces and gravity.

In the classroom, Prep friends are excited about the new equipment that has also helped them further explore the concepts of function and causation. The equipment includes; marble runs, gears, Toolo and Bee-Bots. It is certainly proving to be a successful inquiry and it is pleasing to see students so busy and engaged, developing their ever inquiring minds.

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