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Week 8, Term Three, 2017

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Somerset College entered two teams into the Innovators of the Future competition held at A.B. Patterson on 23 August 2017. The theme for this year was “Earth of Tomorrow”.

The students and supervising teachers were addressed by Dr Daniel O’Hare from Bond University, who is Associate Professor Urban Planning Faculty of Society and Design. He presented a very convincing argument for the new generation to be Innovators of the Future, by thinking analytically, critically and creatively.

The students were provided an opportunity to work with the science faculty staff, where they conducted various experiments from filtering undrinkable water to make it drinkable, to wiring up solar panels to power LED lights and measuring the amount of energy contained in certain food items using a calorimeter. These experiments were used as the provocation phase to set the scene for their culminating task.

For the culminating task, each group were required to present a 2D and 3D blueprint proposal of a ‘City of the future’. Considerations were: over-population, pollution, climate change, increased energy needs, consumerism and waste. They had to follow a design thinking approach, complete with justifications for decisions, and benefits and challenges of their city design of the future. In conclusion they had to reflect on their team dynamics, considering strengths and areas for improvement.

Whilst the judging process was underway (thanks here to Mr Matt McLaughlin for his involvement in the judging process), the students were in held in awe being entertained by Dr John Thomas during a Science show called ‘Bangs and Flashes’.

Somerset Team 7 were visibly elated when they won third place (out of a total of 28 teams). Our congratulations go to Mason Richards, Danielle Svoboda, James Georgeson, Leo Kelly Correa, Jaime Dwyer and Ashlee Park on this wonderful achievement.

Thanks must also go to Mr Matt McLaughlin for his involvement in the judging process.

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