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Week 7, Term One, 2019

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We are off to a flying start in the Junior Technology classroom and students are having a lot of fun. They are developing their understanding of programming language, commands, loops and if statements.

Year 3 students are using Bits Box text based coding to create their own App games.

I like coding because I am using Java Script and it is really interesting.” - Melody 3G

I like coding because it is something new that I am doing.” - Jacob 3G

I don’t like coding, I love it….” - Amelia 3G

Year 4 students are inquiring into Belief Systems. Students are busy designing and creating a chosen place of worship using Minecraft Educational.

Moving through to Year 5 where students are enjoying collaborating with PE, Italian and Technology to create a wellbeing Stop Motion movie.

I really like the fact with Stop Motion you can draw on a whiteboard and make the characters animate.” - Maddie 5N

I like the fact we are practising the movements in PE, we are learning the vocab in Italian and we are creating a fun Stop Motion in Tech. So much fun!” - Savannah 5N

I love the fact that you cannot get it wrong, it is such a creative project.” - Scarlett 5N

Students in Years 5 and 6 are reminded to come along and see me if they are interested in entering the QLD Premiers Coding Challenge competition for 2019.

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