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Junior Inter-House Cross Country Carnival




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Week 3,
Term Two, 2016

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Last week we saw all students from the Junior School participate in the Inter-House Cross Country Carnival. This carnival is the only sport carnival of the year where every student gets a chance to participate on the same day.

To add excitement for the day, our Junior School students were able to showcase their talents on the new Athletic Track. It was a fantastic day, full of fun, sweat ... and at times tears, as our junior School students gave it everything and ran their best for their House. Congratulations to our Age Champions and to Veivers House for taking out the point score trophy. This is the first time in 20 Years that Veivers has won the Cross Country Inter-House trophy.

Age Champions were:

8 Years Boys:

  1. Raidan Kyaw
  2. Darcy Halloran
  3. Ethan Grocott

8 Years Girls

  1. Kate Miller
  2. Jemima Javed
  3. Bailey Cadman

9 Years Boys

  1. Henry Weisener
  2. Bowen Mansell
  3. Ryan Hisco

9 Years Girls

  1. Maya Pearse
  2. Lilli Bannerman
  3. Vavara Rubis

10 Years Boys

  1. Sascha Vitte
  2. Harry Walters
  3. Phonix Crampton

10 Years Girls

  1. Oria Mograbi
  2. Kartier Majarnovic
  3. Nadia Von Papen

11 Years Boys

  1. Kade Reynoldson
  2. Jasper Mansell
  3. Max Deffenti

11 Years Girls

  1. Ruby Jay
  2. Jorja Otto
  3. Bella Murray

12 Years Boys

  1. Hugh Munro
  2. Oskar Vardy
  3. Tom Enright

12 Years Girls

  1. Riley Davenport
  2. Itsuki Oka
  3. Teneal Nguyen

South Coast Representatives

Congratulations to William Powell, Hugh Munro and Peter Osborne who have both been successful in making selection in the South Coast AFL (Hugh), Soccer (Peter) and Hockey (William) teams. This is a fantastic effort from these students who have firstly qualified for the Hinterland Teams and now progressed through to the Queensland Titles representing the region.

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