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Junior Italian Students Transported in a Time Warp




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Week 8, Term One 2019

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Junior Italian Students from Years 3 to 5 experienced travelling through time to explore Italy and sample some of the best-known Italian cultural traditions first hand. The bilingual show Time Warp is a one woman show performed by Lea Porcaro of Spectacular Spettacolare, a small bi-lingual theatre company touring from Melbourne.

The show centres around a girl called Claudia. Claudia hates doing homework. She thinks it’s so unfair that she must stay in on a beautiful day and finish her Italian homework when all her friends are out playing in the park. But little does Claudia know that in her school bag, she has an ancient, magical book that can transport her back in time to learn all about Italy. By singing a simple tune with a few simple dance moves, Claudia is transported back to another time where she experiences these wonderful traditions first hand! From Carnevale to Geppetto’s workshop, the Colosseum and a brief trip to the San Remo music festival, Claudia realises that maybe staying in and doing her homework wasn’t such a bad idea after all!

The show was vibrantly interactive, and all students participated, either by dancing and singing in the audience, or coming up to the front, and assisting in playing a character. The script featured much of the language that the students learn in class, so it was a great opportunity for them to engage with classroom content in a theatrical context.

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