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Week 8,
Term Four, 2016

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Last Monday night saw the Year 6 students formally celebrate the completion of their Junior School experience at Somerset College. Our 2016 Junior School Captains – Joe Wright-Smith and Giorgi Cornford - presented this speech to a capacity crowd of parents and students in The Great Hall.

Giorgi – I remember looking at the Year 6 students when I started way back in 2010 in Prep and thinking how big they looked. Well look at us now – we are those big people. I am honoured to be representing the 2016 cohort of graduating Year 6 students. I say with all honesty that we have had a great year. It has not always been easy, and it may have been tough, but we have all succeeded.

Joe - I truly believe that we are ready for the next step ... being the little kids again. My time along with many others here, from Prep to Year 6, has been quite the journey. Some of us have grown to be great heights - and some are still waiting to blossom. All of us should be proud of ourselves.

I remember a few days before Prep started I had a photo taken with my mum for the newspaper. There was another person in that photo that I now stand next to. Giorgi. It’s funny that Giorgi and I were in the same photo and then six years later we end up being the Junior School Captains. Tonight we are going to share a few stories with you about our time in the Somerset Junior School.

Prep was the year where friendships were made for the next few years and even now. There were three types of people in Prep, the good kids, the naughty kids, and the kids who told on you because you stepped too close to their pile of sand in the sandpit. That was Prep.

GiorgiYear 1 was the year that we had our first Swimming Carnival. It was very exciting and scary at the same time but we loved the crocodile floaties. This year, as Captains, we were back to help at the Lower Junior School Swimming Carnival – but sadly no crocs in sight. Year 1 was also the year that on a day when Mrs Tayler was away, Mr Rapazzo allowed us to practice counting by seeing how many pencils we could stick in his big, bushy beard!

Joe - Year 2 was the year of sand balls and clay balls. For the boys anyway. Every second of play time was spent making the strongest sand balls to make it past the tracks. About half way through the year some boys found a little dirt clay patch right next to the sandpit. This patch was soon being worked full time - being mined non-stop every day – the aim - to make the best ever sand ball. But what was funny was that we all had jobs. I was the track maker; Kade and a few other boys made the clay balls and others mined the clay mine.

Giorgi – In Year 3 we were very excited to get slanted desks. We could lift the lids and make our pencils roll from top to bottom. We loved it, even though it aggravated the teachers.

Joe - Year 4 came along and it was time to be part of the Years 4 to 6 Carnivals. That year we found all our sporting talents. Kade was out in front by miles at the Cross Country Carnival. Hugh was seen swimming like a fish at the Swimming Carnival. Ben was racing around the Athletics track while Jude jumped the clouds clearing the high jump bar by meters. And me – I was throwing the shot put and letting the discus fly. Feeling part of the big kids was Year 4.

GiorgiYear 5 was most memorable for the fabulous Evening of Eminence. We all loved it so much. We researched and then met so many amazing people. In one night I met Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and stood there as Rosa Parks explaining to people how I humbly changed the USA.

Joe - Year 6. The year of being the leaders of the Junior School. The year started slowly as we became used to the old and new faces, teachers and classrooms. New trends flooded Year 6 with yeah-ing, the dab and bottle flipping. We were reminded in the time just before the Tassie Trip of expectations and our excellent Somerset College reputation. The trip did not disappoint – Tassie was fun and exciting. One of the stand out times was the morning we had huge snowball fights. I was lucky enough to be on the first walk and was able to pick up the fresh snow and get my friends and work together to nail Mr Zernike with a hail of snow balls. He tried to get me back. I ducked and it landed on the person right behind me. Taste of Asia Day was a day to see the lives of others and a day to just have some fun and eat amazing food.

My time in the Junior School has shaped me into the person I am today. In just a few years, your knowledge sky rockets! The rest of school and life is still ahead - so Year 6 – keep moving forward!

Giorgi – and I ask that we take the opportunity to make Year 7 even better. WE don’t have to follow the crowd; we can create our own path. We are the Class of 2022. Our journey continues and we will make our mark. So – congratulations Year 6 and thank you.

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