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Week 9,
Term One, 2016

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It has been an enjoyable term working with the Years 1 and 2 Choir, the Cool Cats, and the Years 3 and 4 choir, the Melodic Mynas. Our College choir rehearsals work to a routine, and students know that when they enter that they need to warm up their voices.

We play singing games and speak/sing through a number of exercises to ensure we get the best out of our rehearsal. Typically, these consist of glides, posture warm ups, scale exercises, breathing, vowel work, diction and consonant work, range extension and agility. This is followed by a call and response song or a canon. The process takes a little while but it pays off – the students apply these skills in the pieces and sound beautiful.

Melodic Mynas

We are focusing this term on singing as a group. All our members have lovely voices, and love to sing alone. Singing in an ensemble is a bit different, as you have to be a good multitasker – remember the lyrics, watch the conductor, listen to people around you to make sure you are blending, and of course thinking about technical aspects (vowels, breathing, phrasing, diction, tone, expression, posture, volume and so on)! However, the closer the students watch the conductor, the more they pick up on so they don’t have to remember this exhaustive list but use the conductors cue. We have been focusing on listening to others around us to ensure that it is not only selected voices we can hear.

The Melodic Mynas have been singing simple part songs this term, as they work towards creating beautiful harmonies. The Cool Cats are sounding better each week as they remember their lyrics and melodies. The Cool Cats will be performing early next term at one of our Junior School assemblies. I am looking forward to introducing new songs to the choirs for Showcase next term. Junior Chorale also starts next term, now that the musical is wrapping up. These students have some great pieces lined up for them – I cannot wait to get them started.

There will be a Schoolbox page soon for choir, so that students are able to practise at home and demonstrate their new skills. Thank you for your support of the Junior School choral programme, we look forward to seeing you at our performances!

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