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Week 8, Term Three, 2017

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This term has proved to be very exciting in the Junior Design Technology room as Year 3 students have been inquiring into animals and their ecosystems. Students have planned, designed and created their own animal robots; using Lego WeDo robotics they have programmed their animals to come alive.

Alena 3M - Scarlett and I have built a robot named Chocolate, we have worked so hard and I wish we could make another one.

Aaliyah 3M – I have created a fish in Technology, I have programmed it to move really fast. Its features are really cool.

Savannah 3M – I have made an Artic Fox in Technology and I had a lot of fun making my robot.

Krish 3M – In ICT our class has been making lego robots. In my group I made a frog.

Lucy 3M – In Technology we have been learning about robots. I thought it was really fun.

Students are all looking forward to animal race day during Week 10.

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