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Week 3,
Term One, 2017

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Once again, this past Tuesday, our Somerset Junior School students took to the pool to battle it out for the Years 3 to 6 Inter-House Swimming Carnival. With brand new House banners on show for all to see, the grandstand was awash with colour and surging with energy and enthusiasm.

All students who participated did themselves and their House proud. It was inspiring to see students trying their absolute best in the pool, as well as cheering on their team mates. The 31 degree heat did not waiver the determination and House spirit of our young swimmers. Congratulations to Anthony Graham, Bessie Dear, Josie Hanson and Raiden Kyaw, who all broke records.

2017 - T1 - W3 - JS Swim Carnival
  • Bessie broke the 10 Year Girls 100m Freestyle record 1.18.72;
  • Anthony broke the record in the 10 Boys 100m Freestyle 1.20.26, 50m backstroke 45.39 and 50m Breaststroke 49.88;
  • Raiden broke the 9 Years 50m Breaststroke 54.57 and
  • Josie broke the 8 Years 50m Breaststroke 1.13.57.

This year we had the privilege of having two Olympians, James Roberts and Yolane Kukla, to present the Age Champion medals with Mr Bassingthwaighte.

8 Years Girls

  1. Alanja Thomasson
  2. Josie Hanson
  3. Maxine Stewart

8 Years Boys

  1. Denver Bannerman
  2. Liam O’Nuallain
  3. Bailey Pourre

9 Years Girls

  1. Lucy Collins
  2. Ella Slawinski
  3. Jodie Lin

9 Years Boys

  1. Raiden Kyaw
  2. Tristan Vasquez
  3. Anson Qu

10 Years Girls

  1. Lilli Hodge and Bessie Dear
  2. Hayeon Byun

10 Years Boys

  1. Anthony Graham
  2. Bowen Mansell
  3. Alex Jordan

11 Years Girls

  1. Oria Mougrabi
  2. Jenna Miller
  3. Evie Harcourt and Alice Jones

11 Years Boys

  1. Luke Shirley
  2. Isaac Rogers
  3. Harry Walters

12 Years Girls

  1. Elise Mundy
  2. Kaelyn Dolan
  3. Ashlee Park

12 Years Boys

  1. Phoenix Kyaw
  2. Matthew Leal
  3. Fergus George

Could Laver go back to back and win again? It was a very tight result, with only 29 points separating 1st and 2nd. The results of the 2017 Years 3 to 6 Inter-House Swimming Carnival were:

  1. Starkey
  2. Laver
  3. Andrews
  4. Veivers
  5. Franklin

It was fantastic to once again see the support from the parents assisting as timekeepers. Carnivals such as this would not happen, nor run as smoothly as they do, without the assistance of these volunteers. I would also like to thank to Parents' and Friends' Association for running the canteen and keeping everyone well-fed and refreshed. I know it was a hot place to be up there in the back of the grandstand; the free fruit you provided was a generous initiative and very much appreciated by the students and staff.

I would like to congratulate all students for their efforts and thank all of the staff for their assistance. I would also like to thank Mr Andrew Michael for his organisation and co-ordination of another smoothly run carnival.

The APS carnival will be held at Somerset College, Thursday 16 February starting at 9.00am. Good luck at all our swimmers!

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