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Week 9,
Term Three, 2016

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Standing in front of a group of peers and adults to speak for up to four minutes is not the easiest task; however, at the recent Somerset College Junior School Public Speaking Competition, our students made it look quite easy!

All students in Years 4 to 6 have been required to write a speech and then present this within their class. This activity allows all students the opportunity to further develop their oral language skills, as well as practising how to write a speech that is informative, yet entertaining. Any student who then wished to participate in the Somerset College Junior School Public Speaking Competition had the opportunity to do so on Monday 29 August.

2016 - T3 - W9 - Hero

Students could choose from a range of topics, including “If Animals Could Talk”, “Imagine” and “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. From those students who competed, first and second places were awarded in each room and then a number of students have been invited to speak at the AB Paterson College Public Speaking Competition which was held this week for Year 4 and will be held in Term Four for Years 5 and 6 students.

The following students were awarded first or second place in their room:

Year 4

  • Athena Agnew – 1st
  • Advika Srivastav – 2nd
  • Georgie Kilmartin – 1st
  • Anna Thomas – 2nd
  • Lucy Colahan – 1st
  • Felicity Cirocco – 2nd
  • Aayush Chand – 1st
  • Weiwei Shen – 2nd

Year 5

  • Hugo Chan – 1st
  • Nitika Bethi – 2nd
  • Georgia Daly – 1st
  • Isaac Rogers – 2nd
  • Phoenix Kyaw – 1st
  • Mia Huang – 2nd
  • Ben Major – 1st
  • Ashlee Park - 2nd

Year 6

  • Giorgi Cornford – 1st
  • Charlie Liu – 2nd
  • Darcy Beynon – 1st
  • Kate Jordan – 2nd
  • Aarav Rawley – 1st
  • Alijana Framp – 2nd
  • Riley Davenport – 1st
  • Ben Gallagher – 2nd

Congratulations to each of these students and also to the following students who have also been invited to speak at the AB Paterson Public Speaking Competition:

Year 4

  • Hayeon Byun
  • Emmeline Anthony
  • Marcus Peachey
  • Penelope Deacon
  • Natalie Mai
  • Cooper Leat
  • Secret Goetz
  • Summer Edgley

Year 5

  • Alex Halloran
  • Belle Toohey
  • Lily Peters
  • Geraint Evans

Year 6

  • Ethan Carkazis
  • Jorja Otto
  • Rory Fenelon
  • Karma Bathols
  • Ruben Yam
  • Victoria Jones
  • Lara Culleton
  • Hugh Munro
  • Mackenzie Cadman
  • Phoebe Ross
  • Bailey Loades
  • Lauren Mitnovesky
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