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Week 6, Term Four, 2017

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Semester Two is rapidly drawing to a close and our Junior School students are beginning to enjoy the return to familiar routines after a couple of weeks of assessment tasks. Currently, the Year 5 shop linked to a unit of inquiry about producers and consumers is proving very popular with all students as they do some independent shopping.

The Year 5 students, on the other hand have a much deeper understanding of the market place and how it works. Students in this year level take great pride in the fact that all profits are distributed to charities that have been identified through their Exhibition, earlier in the semester.

The recent Art Show highlighted the amazing talents and creativity of budding artists. The standard of the work was such that much of it now adorns the walls of the Junior School staff room and it proves to be a topic of interest to all who visit. Plans are afoot to display more of this work in the adjoining Reception area and main Administration Building. Semester Two camps have provided a whole new outdoor experience for all those who participated. Observing students outside the College environment never ceases to surprise; it adds a whole new dimension to a teacher’s knowledge of an individual student. Our Year 2’s deserve special recognition as this was their first BIG sleepover with lots of friends in the gym; an exciting time for the students and a very long night for the teachers. Fortunately, all involved, teachers and students made it through the Friday activities and consequently slept very well on the Friday night!

This week our younger students in Years 1 and 2 participated in the Lower Junior School Swimming Carnival. A strong contingent of parent supporters were there to support, despite it being Melbourne Cup Day. Veivers proved too strong on the day and took home the trophy. Meanwhile our Pre-Prep friends were busy making bow ties and fascinators in preparation for the day and celebrated with hobby horse races.

Pre-Prep to Year 2 are starting to get ready for the end of year concerts. Maximum participation and enjoyment is the priority. These early year’s concerts provide a lovely springboard into the world of theatre. Speaking parts are spread over as many performers as possible, students are highlighted in smaller performance groups in Prep, Year 1 and 2 and at all times there are developmentally appropriate considerations in place. Be prepared to enjoy these wonderful moments in your child’s journey through life.

If you happen to wander past out Year 6 rooms you will hear singing and you might even see dancing as our students in this year level prepare for the culmination of their years in the junior School at the Year 6 Dinner. This is such an exciting time as transitioning to the Senior School becomes a reality and another part of life’s journey begins. The next couple of weeks at the College are very busy.

Please check Schoolbox regularly for scheduled events and updates.

I look forward to seeing many of you during these very special times in the College calendar.

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