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Week 8,
Term One, 2017

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Last Friday we had our first ‘Spartan Race’ for the season. It was a huge success with over 60 participants from the Somerset Community running. This was a new experience for some of our younger students who have not had much running or racing experience at all.

Spartan Running Race

The race distances are 2km or 4km with the purpose creating a race experience for all in preparation for the College and APS carnivals next term. Well done to everyone who participated. It was a fantastic display of Spartan Spirit to see some of the Senior Students run with the Junior Students to help them run the last 200m of the race. Congratulations to Will Baker and Alex Halloran who were the winners of the Junior School boys and girls race. The next race is on Friday 24 March, 7.00am on the Athletic Track. See you there.

Junior Teachers Learning to Juggle

You’re never too old to learn! Just ask our Junior School teachers. During their recess break, once a week, Junior School Teachers are learning a new skill, juggling. Yes, juggling. Why, well, it improves your motor co-ordination, strengthens and enhances your concentration and reaction time, reduces stress and gets your brain firing! Juggling has no end, yet thousands of variations and just ask Mr Stafford, is very very addictive ... 3 minutes a day is all you need! If you can catch one ball, you can juggle three! If you would like to see some video tutorials on juggling, just email Mr Michael.

APS Sports Training

Compulsory APS Winter Sports training commences in Term Two. The training sessions are on a Tuesday at either 3.30pm or 7.15am. The teams training on a Tuesday morning at 7.15am are Years 4/5 Volleyball, Year 4 Hockey, Year 4 Netball, Year 4 Girls Soccer, Year 5 Girls Soccer. If you are unable to make these team sessions, please contact your coach or Mr Michael to make arrangements to train with another team of the same sport.

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