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Week 6, Term Four, 2019

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On Wednesday 13 November, we held our Lower Years (Years 1 and 2) Swimming Carnival for 2019. The morning’s proceedings were opened by official marches and war cries which bellowed across the pool deck.

Students took part in four swimming races, starting with the kickboard race, then freestyle, backstroke and finishing with our fun Novelty event. The novelty race saw blow-up strawberries, pineapples, watermelons, icy-poles and pandas make their way quickly across the pool as the students faces beamed with big smiles. The fun morning saw our students showing off their swimming skills which they have been practicing this year in their weekly swimming lessons. The students were lucky enough to have in-water support from a handful of our wonderful Year 6 students.

At the end of the carnival, the results were as follows:
1st Andrews
2nd Veivers
3rd Starkey
4th Franklin
5th Laver

A special thank you to all who came out to support this wonderful morning. To Mr Butcher, teaching assistants, the sports department staff and gap students as well as and our wonderful teaching staff, thank you for your dedication and tireless efforts on the day.

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