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Week 6, Term Three, 2018

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Last Wednesday, 105 very excited Year 5 students left the College bound for QCCC Mapleton, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Anticipation was high as camp booklets were handed out and they finally got to see who was in their activity and cabin groups.

Parents could hear the cheers from inside the bus and their smiles could have provided enough energy to power the bus the whole way.

On arrival, there was no time for rest. Bags were left and they were off to their first activity! Overcoming fears of heights and stomach dropping thrills were all part of the flying fox and giant swing, precision was tested at archery and rock climbing, cold water splashes and ball games were all part of canoeing and team work and creativity were high on the list for team initiative and low ropes. The activities were amazing; however, when asked to pick a favourite the consensus was clear…GIANT SWING. The staff also loved participating in the activities, particularly the thrill seeking ones.

When the sun went down, the fun didn’t stop. Watching Despicable Me 3 under the stars at the Outdoor Cinema was so much fun. A major highlight was the Thursday night Triballink experience, when an indigenous story teller had 105 students captivated with stories of the Dreamtime. Afterwards toasting marshmallows and drinking lemon myrtle tea (leaves taken straight from the bush) left everyone feeling warm and ready for bed. One thing was for sure, the night activities kept everyone busy and highly entertained.

The food was delicious with many students going for seconds at each meal time. The food definitely gave everyone the energy to get through our busy days.

Year 5 Camp was an incredible experience but we brought home some very tired and exhausted boys and girls; we were all very grateful for some R&R that weekend!

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