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Week 2,
Term One, 2017

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Movement matters when it comes to brain function and development. Moving your body, moving an object, moving your muscles, moving your mind.

It all matters. You can’t turn a light on without electricity and you cannot function properly with movement which is why our current Year 4 and 5 students are participating in the ‘Movement Matters’ program to help turn that electricity on.

2017-T1-W2-Movement Matters

Movement Matters is a holistic approach to movement and skill development. The program is designed to build stronger connections between the brain and the body. It is based on a combination and integration of crossing the midline, co-ordination, body awareness, balance and skill. Students engage themselves in these co-ordinated movements every morning in preparation for their first lesson in order to maximize their learning potential in the classroom.

Movement matters was developed last year when I took a small group of Year 4 students, tested their cognitive ability through the COGAT test, then guided the students through the movement program then re-tested the same students on the same test. Results were that 100% of students had improved on their initial test results. Some had improved up to 20%, others 5%. Other significant improvements were that 94% of students had increased confidence within their own ability, 99% of students felt that their ability to move and perform actually did improve and classroom teachers of the students noticed improvements in their interaction in class activities and concentration and confidence when engaging in set tasks.

Movement generates energy, promotes positive blood flow and helps to connect our mind with our body. The confidence and enthusiasm I am seeing in these students participating in the program is growing daily. It excites me to see excited students and moving in a direction which helps them achieve……… after all, movement matters.

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