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Week 6,
Term Four, 2016

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This Term, Year 4 students have been participating in the ‘Movement Matters’ before school motor skills programme. The programme is designed to help students get their brain ready for class and enhance their working memory, confidence, motor skills and execution and, most importantly, to get their mind and body moving and engaged before the classroom lessons begin.

The elements of the programme are balance, co-ordination, awareness and control and each week these students have been actively engaging in games and drills which utilise cognitive and executive function skills whilst working in a team environment, learning new skills, using bother their left and right side of the body equally and having fun with their peers at the same time. These learnt movement skills and practices have been transferred into the classroom setting and the feedback from the teachers and students has been very pleasing.

The programme has finished now for this year, however, we hope to implement it across different Year Levels next year with the aim of increasing students confidence, skill and aptitude in class ... while having a bit of fun along the way. After all, movement matters!

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