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Week 1,
Term Four, 2016

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On the last Thursday of term, Year 1 travelled to Brisbane to visit the Planetarium. This was a much looked-forward-to excursion by both teachers and students, as we had been learning about the solar system in our inquiry; The Earth is part of a vast and complex universe.

The day began with a bus drive to the city, which was very exciting. Once at the Planetarium we had lunch and a stroll through the Botanical gardens. We saw many lizards, Japanese bonsai and a cactus garden.

In the Planetarium there were many things to investigate, a spacesuit, miniature moon buggies and satellites, rock samples from asteroids and a large telescope. We were amazed in the show as we visited the moon and planets with the help of the astronomer, we even flew through Saturn’s rings. At question time we learnt that planet X is not real!

On return to the classroom we wrote about our day and shared our thoughts on future space travel.

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