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Pre-Prep Mother's Day Afternoons




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Week 5,
Term Two, 2016

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Last week, over three afternoons we had the Pre-Prep mothers join us for celebrations in our Pre-Prep area. On Tuesday Mrs Spanner’s Pre-Prep Red friends welcomed their Mums, on Wednesday Mrs Vizcay-Wilson’s Yellow friends welcomed their Mums and on Thursday the Pre-Prep Blue Mums joined us.

Each Pre-Prep class had worked together as a team to compile a very special book about their Mums. The tissues were needed as we heard the beautiful words from each child about why their Mum is special.

This was followed by a scrumptious afternoon tea with yummy jam drops, watermelon hearts and crisp popcorn. We started with fruit first and enjoyed explaining to our Mums about how we had made each yummy treat.

When the music started, there was no stopping the Mums dancing along to “Love is in the Air”.

At the end of the celebration, each child presented their Mum with a flower and a bag of goodies - a carefully made bracelet, a card of kisses and a box of love. We hope that all the Somerset College Mums had a very happy Mother’s Day.

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