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Week 7, Term Three, 2018

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Inspired by our interest in caring for animals and learning about native wildlife, our very busy vet surgery has transitioned to a wildlife hospital. The wildlife hospital kit and all supporting resources were put together by Green Heroes, a local not for profit organisation dedicated to educating, empowering and inspiring young people to foster connections with the natural world.

Ruby Jay, an enthusiastic and active member of the MYP Sustainable Spartans Group and self-confessed turtle nerd, spent time in our classroom sharing her knowledge and passion for nature. This provided the Pre-Preps with a very engaging and hands on opportunity to learn how they too can help to conserve and protect wildlife.

We are committed to learning about our natural world and are already involved in making a difference to the lives of orphaned animals with the making and decorating of pouches for rescued joeys. If you would like to help us make some more pouches and can use a pair of scissors or sew in a straight line, we want you! Please contact me for more information at:

The MYP Sustainable Spartans group focuses on raising awareness about conservation and providing habitat for wildlife both within the school grounds and in the wider community. For information about their activities and how to get involved, please contact Mrs Coombes at:

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