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Week 4,
Term Four, 2016

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Throughout the year Prep teachers have been involved in a research project, “Age Appropriate Pedagogies Research Study”.

The Department of Education and Training invited Griffith University to submit a paper that reviews the research literature to identify age-appropriate modes of teaching and learning in the early years of schooling, supports the value of active teaching and learning approaches in the early years of schooling in terms of children’s engagement and achievement of learning outcomes and links age-appropriate pedagogy to the expectations of existing departmental accountabilities of schools.

2016 - T4 - W4 - Prep

The research project is in conjunction with the Griffith Institute for Educational Research and ISQ (Independent Schools Queensland). The benefits of the research will assist in determining age-appropriate pedagogies for use in the early years in Queensland schools.

Focus has been on identifying teaching practices and strategies that empower teacher curriculum decision-making across a range of schools and community contexts. Each school that has been involved in the project was asked to identify an area of development within the curriculum and then create an action plan that fosters the development of that particular area.

Prep at Somerset College chose to focus on the promotion of child-initiated writing. Throughout the project Prep teachers collated and analysed data and then wrote a final report that is presented to the Griffith University team. Overall, the research project has re-affirmed the range and balance of teaching practices and approaches currently being used in Prep at Somerset College. The project further highlighted the importance of age-appropriate pedagogies in the early years of schooling to engage young creative learners, therefore setting children up for long-term success.

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