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Prep Father’s Day Afternoon




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Week 9,
Term Three, 2016

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On Friday 2 September Fathers of Prep friends were invited to join us at the College. The students were eager to spend time together with their Dads in the classroom.

The afternoon began with Prep friends introducing their Fathers to our current inquiry, “Drawing is a language for expression of thoughts, ideas, feelings and knowledge”. The afternoon then led on to Fathers and Prep friends drawing a portrait of each other. Both children and fathers were risk-takers when they practised the skills of being detailed artists and patient models.

Fathers and children then enjoyed a story relating to our special Dads and how much we love them. The added highlight this year was when the Prep children concluded the afternoon with a song and dance, “Hip, Hop, Father’s Day Rock”. What a joy it was to see the students being Connie Confident performing for their Dads.

Fathers left with their special gift; a bookmark that was hand-made by their little treasures. It was such a wonderful afternoon full of memories that will be cherished for years to come.

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