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Week 8, Term Three, 2018

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Prep friends invited their fathers to come and join us at the College for a special afternoon at Prep to celebrate Father's Day, Wednesday 29 August. Students were eager to spend some precious time together with their Dads.

Prep friends current inquiry is; “The Arts is a language for expression of thoughts, ideas, feelings and knowledge”. As part of our inquiry students have been completing a drawing day. Fathers were welcomed with classical music playing in the background and were put to the challenge of drawing a portrait of their son or daughter. Prep friends also completed a portrait of their dad and explained the modes of drawing that we identify when we create art pieces; imagination, observation and memory. The afternoon concluded with a book, My Superhero, written by Chris Owen.

Prep fathers left with gifts that their children had busily made for them. This included a personalised placemat and a special biscuit that was a hand decorated picture of their Dad’s face.

What a joy it was to see Prep friends and fathers sharing such a wonderful afternoon together, full of memories that will be cherished forever.

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