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Week 5, Term Three, 2017

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When you walk past the Prep verandah prepare to be astonished at the amazing array of plants. Prep friends are buzzing around watering and caring for their plants they have brought in from home.

Gardening is part of our current inquiry related to “Sharing the Planet”. The children have been exploring plants and their different needs, a variety of ways we use plants and plants from around the world.

This inquiry has helped initiate learning engagements that promote scientific learning and has provided students with the opportunity to use an assortment of skills. Some of these skills include; recording data and comparison and analysis of data.

We have also learnt from our very own College community when the College’s gardeners came to talk with us and share their knowledge. It has been inspiring to see Prep friends displaying such responsibility towards caring for their plants. Here’s to happy planting and many green thumbs in the future.

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