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Week 5, Term Three, 2018

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Year 5 PYP Exhibition is well underway. Classes have been busy exploring the theme of who we are and the central idea that children worldwide encounter a range of challenges and opportunities; these challenges could be issues like access to school and drinking clean water.

As we are a global citizens we use our head, heart and hands. To use your head, heart and hand you have to think about the people around you, feel emotion for them and do something about it.

2018 - T3 - W5 - pyp exhibit

We have been doing lots of things to learn about the PYP, like watching a long video about kids without education, healthy food and clean water.

We chose our own issue and my issue is girls' education. I chose girls' education because it felt like a personal issue to me. Being a girl, I could not imagine not being allowed an education, just because I am a girl.

We have done lots of things like reflections and research and it’s only a couple more weeks until all of our hard work goes up in the Great Hall.

We also get to sign up for speaking, writing and advertising committees and as you can see I’m doing a writing committee, and every week someone does a task as part of their committee.

We are all looking forward to the great PYP Exhibition set up in the Great Hall, and I’m sure we will do a great job.

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