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Week 4, Term Three 2017

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Year 5 has been working extremely hard on their new inquiry and counting down the days until the PYP Exhibition. The Exhibition aims to make parents and children aware about the issues around the world, including famine, child labour, racism and gender discrimination.

In order to create awareness about the Exhibition the students choose a committee. There are three to choose from; advertising, speaking or the writing committee.

The advertising committee will be responsible for making posters to advertise the PYP Exhibition. The speaking committee will present in assembly, regarding the Exhibition and the writing committee will be writing an article about the PYP Exhibition for the newsletter.

We also have a blog on Schoolbox which we use to inform our class teachers about the progress we are making. This is a great way to communicate with our interest group and find information. It will be a challenging but fun term. We will be expected to do our best but in the end it will be worth it.

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