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Science is Alive in Year 5




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Week 6, Term Two, 2018

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A couple of weeks ago Year 5P finally took a trip to the Science lab. We walked through the door and we couldn’t believe our eyes!

There were microscopes as far as the eye could see and Bunsen burners with live flames. Mrs Hyman put us into groups of five and we went to our first rotation where we looked through the microscopes at a chicken embryo.

We then moved on to the next rotation and watched an experiment where a fire was lit underneath a high pressure bottle. The bottle flew sky high and hit the roof and we all laughed. Nobody likes eating lemons but when they’re used in a battery, who could resist them?

We were all amazed by the way electrons passed through the lemons but even that wasn’t as utterly fascinating as our next activity. A negatively charged ball interacted with a positive one and we watched in awe as the electricity jumped. That Wednesday was one of the best in the year, and we all hope we’ll do it again!

We were all so grateful for the amount of Year 12 students, Science teachers and lab assistants that gave up their lunch break to conduct the experiments.

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