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Sharing the Planet




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Week 6,
Term Four, 2016

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This term started with a BANG! A ‘Big Bang Science’ Show to help the Year 2 students investigate physical sciences. The students experienced an entertaining presentation which introduced them to the basics of forces.

During the hands-on workshop that followed, students explored how forces make different objects move and explored how forces act upon objects in the air.

With our Unit of Inquiry further investigating another area of Science, natural resources, the Year 2 students were lucky enough to be invited to visit the Senior Science Labs to further develop our knowledge about Sharing the Planet. In class, students have been examining the Central Idea: Earth’s resources are used in a variety of ways, and what better way to put our new found learnings and understandings into practice than in the real-life application of a laboratory.

So our budding scientists headed up to the Science labs, put on their protective wear and applied the POE (Predict, Observe, Explain) Thinking Routine to investigate and make discoveries about the different states of water. Students utilised their senses when observing the changes that occurred to a coloured piece of ice when it was placed in tap, cold and warm water.

Student comments included:

I discovered that an ice cube melts faster in warm water than tap or cold water.

Did you know ... condensation forms on the outside of a cold cup of water versus tiny water vapor droplets collecting on the inside of a cup

The importance of our Natural Resources and demonstrating the learner profile attribute of Responsibility, was summed up by Mrs Walker when she left this parting comment for the Year 2 students to ponder ... ‘the water you are drinking now may once have been the water drunk by dinosaurs!’

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