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Shrek - Coming to a Swamp Near You




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Week 6,
Term One, 2016

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The love story that is Fiona and Shrek’s is not your standard one. There is not really a sweet princess who meets a handsome prince who has saved her in some way from the clutches of an evil stepmother or a maligned and enraged fairy.

FIONA: Now holdest on, Sir Knight. Don’t you want to savour this moment?
SHREK: Aw geez, I’m like a crackpot magnet!

"Sir Knight, don't you want to savour this moment?"

No - Fiona actually can become pretty upset and throw a mighty tantrum. Shrek is not trying to save anyone – just himself from being ‘swamped’ by complaining fairy tale creatures who are evicted from Duloc to his quiet, happy swamp.

As a result, the characters are mismatched; the plot is unexpected and the Cast and Staff are having a ball trying to make an hilarious script even funnier with our own crazy ideas – and it’s working!

Shrek is coming soon to a swamp in the Performing Arts Theatre. Tickets are going on sale as of this weekend!

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