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Week 4,
Term Two, 2016

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Term Two is a big one for Year 6. Students are becoming familiar with the MYP expectations and assessment criteria, and we go away for six nights and seven days to a cold, yet beautiful place, quite unlike the Gold Coast.

Starting next week they will work through subject testing and complete evaluations and written or oral assessment pieces. In terms of being a student, we realise that these are all ‘big’. The Year 6 Staff are pleased to see the majority of students learning to prioritise tasks; learning to use their time efficiently; understanding that preparation helps enormously and asking questions of their teachers to ensure that they are confidently heading ‘down the right track’. These life skills all take time and experience.

In Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies and Mathematics, the major focus is learning connected to Tasmania. As the students inquire into the lives of past settlers and convicts; explore the ideas of Wilderness versus Tourism and study the digital data of Tassie – the final, delicious visit to the Apple Isle at the end of term will be all the more richer for it. We are excited!

Meanwhile in Science the students have been studying weather which is always a question we ask ourselves on a daily basis – especially in Tassie! As Mrs Grocott told me last week – "It’s all about the sun". She was speaking to me last Friday as we watched a fantastic Science show presented by Griffith University for Science Week. It was all about matter in its various forms and we saw amazing things before our very eyes.

Year 6 is such a wonderful year – a brilliant combination of leadership, service, learning and adolescence.

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