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Week 8, Term One, 2016

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‘Shrek Jnr’ is a funny show - but have you ever really listened to the lines and considered the element of self-analysis that Fiona goes through? She talks about waiting all her life for what she thought should happen and then she realises - that in fact - that was never her story. By the end of the show Fiona knows herself well and helps the Fairytale creatures do the same. Those in Duloc remain perfect – but conformist – and are they really happy?

Did you ever think that we could look so deeply at Shrek? I have always believed in the value of theatre and drama. So many real life emotions and concepts can be dealt with, understood and discussed while creating, writing and performing drama. It is always some sort of journey in self-analysis, simply through character understanding and plot development.

However, the entertainment value of ‘Shrek Jnr’ is huge. We have been laughing every rehearsal and therefore the full-on, intense, fast-paced Term One of producing 'Shrek' has been a wonderful experience. Whatever we work hard at, provides the most wonderful satisfaction!

This is the week of the show! If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, come and watch the vast array of characters come to life and be prepared to listen to many jokes – obvious and subtle!

There is not a trace of doubt in my mind that you will LOVE our show! We Shrekonians are BELIEVERS!

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