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Week 8, Term Four, 2018

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Congratulations to the following students who were awarded Striving and Merit Certificates, Perpetual Trophies and the Major Sporting Awards for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics at the

Junior APS Summer Sports and Cultural Assembly

2018 - T4 - W8 - tabloids Y3 to Y6

Sport Awards

The Rising Star Trophy for AFL: Sarah Hammett & Bowen Mansell

The Halloran Trophy for Cricket: Liam Kiddle

The Michaela Harrington Trophy for Softball: Emmeline Anthony

The Belinda Lanham Trophy for Basketball: Ekheera Birk & Ali Cuhadaroglu

The Smith Trophy for Touch Football: Vienna Gillespie & Ethan Carson

The Paroz Family Trophy for Swimming: Elizabeth (Bessie) Dear & Raiden Kyaw

The Brenden Toohey Memorial Trophy for Cross Country: Marley Burns & Darcy Halloran

The McDonald Family Trophy for Athletics: Elizabeth (Bessie) Dear & Darcy Halloran

Class Swimming Awards – Semester Two 2018

The best attendance for a class for swimming lesson in Semester Two was 3B. Congratulations to all the members of this class! Well done!

The following students received Class Swimming Awards this semester: Swim Awards

Results - Year 3 to 6 Inter-House Tabloids

Congratulations to all those Year 3 to 6 students who competed in the 2018 Junior School Inter-House Tabloids Event that was held last Friday on the Middle Track. The results were as follows:
• 1st Veivers
• 2nd Laver
• 3rd Starkey
• 4th Andrews
• 5th Franklin

Thank you to all staff who contributed to the running of this event. Without your help and assistance, the hosting of this wonderful and enjoyable event would not have been possible!

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