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Week 7, Term Two, 2017

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Last Wednesday two teams from Year 6 and one team from Year 5 competed in the annual Queensland ‘da Vinci Decathlon’.

The Decathlon competition places a particular emphasis on higher order thinking skills, problem solving and creativity. Each state has a chapter school which hosts the event and in Queensland this is A.B. Paterson College. Winning teams from higher year levels compete nationally, with the winners entering the international competition. Teams are made up of eight participants with interests and strengths in the following: Engineering, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Creative Producers, Code Breaking, Cartography, Mathematics, General Knowledge and Ideation. Students from approximately 48 schools across Queensland participated this year.

2017 - W7 - T2 - de Vinci Decathalon 1

The Year 5 team comprised of James Georgeson, James Young, Patrick Liu, Penelope Deacon, Anna Thomas, Xavier Ryan, Summer Edgley and Emmeliene Anthony, who achieved equal first in the state. They came 1st in English, Engineering, Art and Poetry, 2nd in Ideation and 3rd in Mathematics.

The Year 6A team which included Ashlee Park, Hannah Provenzano, Yuvi Chauhan, Ava McCarthy, Ruby Jay, Tanya Hseih, Niamh Rogers and Hugo Chan came first in the state in English. Our Year 6B team (Tatiana Leon, Max Deffenti, Aditya Naik, Benjamin Major, Phoenix Kyaw, Megan Cattell, Nitika Bethi, and Belle Toohey) did not receive an official placing on the day; however, they displayed an amazing work ethic over the course of the competition. Special mention should also be made of Oliver Yang who attended every practice session and was ready to step in at the last moment if needed.

This is a day that requires students to remain focused for long periods of time and to think in innovative ways. Teachers do not interact with the teams until the competition has concluded for the day, therefore being able to independently organise themselves and manage time are crucial skills for success. All teams managed this with great skill.

As beginning competitors, our Year 5 team, performed admirably. Their team work showed a maturity beyond their years with all students contributing to their success. Bring on the 2018 da Vinci Decathlon!

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