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Week 9, Term Two, 2019

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“Running a business full-time is hard work!” Out of the mouths of 3R students in response to Mr Oman visiting our classroom this week and speaking with us about being ‘Young Entrepreneurs’.

Our learning journey this term has evolved and grown as we have discovered and inquired in to how ‘Communication functions as a way to influence choice’. Exploring this as part of the transdisciplinary theme ‘How We Express Ourselves’, the Year 3 children have demonstrated their understanding and student agency when asked to create and present an advertisement to persuade the choices of a target audience.

During class, persuasive techniques have been identified, advertisements viewed and surveys completed to highlight how personal choices are influenced by ‘The Power of Persuasion’. With this understanding, students have jumped into action to identify a problem or passion for their Star Time presentation.

As part of this process, the children have shown student agency to create their product, organise a persuasive advertising campaign and to our surprise ‘from little things, big things grow’ with mini Year 3 businesses up and running.

From Jack Pluss grabbing our attention with his individualised ‘Menagerie Tags’ to solve the problem of picking up the wrong school bag … it’s happened to all of us, to supporting and getting your ‘Daly Honey’ and Indiana’s Doggie Delight biscuits, where feedback back was welcomed to improve her homemade, nutritious recipe, just a few samples of how the persuasive communication of these Young Entrepreneurs have influenced our choices.

Jack Pluss with a happy Menagerie Tag customer … never to pick up the wrong school bag again!


Orders rolling in for ‘Daly Honey’


Indiana asks her peers for feedback on her Doggie Delight treats.


With all this in progress, the atmosphere among the 3R students has grown to fever pitch as they take orders, count their profits and look for different ways to persuade and reach their target audiences. Student initiated action includes pamphlet drops, brochures, recorded advertisements, suggestions to set up a stall and develop a community website for their products.

To make an authentic connection with the upcoming Celebration of Entrepreneurship, we invited Mr Oman (Assistant Head of Department – Business and Humanities; Chair of Celebration of Entrepreneurship) to visit our classroom, share his knowledge of business and sample our products. Mr Oman was highly impressed and suggested we develop our ‘networking skills’ to persuade Mr Bassingthwaighte to introduce ‘Menagerie Tags’ into the Retail Centre and joint venture with the Year 6 Kidpreneurs.

From little things, big things grow … Year 3 student agency is action!

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