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Week 1, Term Four, 2017

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The Year 6 cohort spent the final week of Term Three immersing themselves in Asian Culture. Students toured gardens, wrote poetry and painted, before transforming classrooms and outdoor areas into an Asian experience.

During Week 10 all students went to Mt Coot-tha for an excursion where they visited the Beautiful Botanic gardens. The trip provided an insight into the design of the ever so peaceful Japanese Gardens and students had the chance to practice Haiku poetry, writing and sumi-e painting.

The following day, the last Thursday of Term Three, the Year 6 classrooms and outdoor areas were transformed into a colourful Asian wonderland. The Taste of Asia Day celebrations provided an opportunity for the students and staff to dress up in their favourite Asian costume, taste some amazing food and acquire some new skills such as Taiko drumming, sushi and dumpling making, Arakan Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Bollywood dancing. The day was also filled with some amazing demonstrations such as traditional Chinese dancing called Jinghongwu, Chinese Pipa and bamboo flute performances and embroidery. In the Indian culture room, there was henna painting and jewellery making.

The communal buffet lunch was nothing short of incredible. The food was AMAZING and the choices were endless. The after lunch entertainment was provided by the Year 6 students themselves, where each group performed their myths and legends plays which they have written prior to the day. They all did a fantastic job with some great performances and loads of laughter.

This incredible experience would certainly not have been possible without the dedication, enthusiasm and hard work of all parents who assisted with bringing food, providing activities and demonstrations as well as the guest performers. On behalf of the Year 6 students and staff, we wish to thank you all for making this Taste of Asia Day a truly memorable experience.

Student reflections on Taste of Asia Day:

What a day! I never knew there was such a fun, exciting, interesting and interactive ways to learn about Asian culture. From creating and eating delicious food to making a LOT of noise while drumming, the day was filled with excitement. The amount of contribution from parents and friends was truly amazing and I know that the whole of Year 6 cohort appreciated it.” – Ava McCarthy (6W)

Asia day was a wonderful multi-cultural experience. Students arrived in their diverse Asian costumes. Throughout the day, students took part in many activities. Following on from that, was a delicious Asian buffet supplied by many of the parents and friends. On the day, students performed entertaining plays based on Asian legends and myths. Asia day involved all students and was a terrific day and experience.” – Ben Major (6Z)

The Taste of Asia Day was a great way to learn about the different cultures in Asia. We all got a taste from various countries such as India, Japan and China. All the food was amazing and I loved the way the rooms were set up. The activities were simple, but surprisingly fun. It was a great success and I would never get tired of learning about the different cultures of Asia.” – Ashlee Park (6L)

Taste of Asia Day was a great experience. I am sure everyone in Year 6 loved making sushi and dumplings or practicing Arakan Martial Arts and Tai Chi. I loved the dumpling making and I thought that the Chinese music was beautiful. It all put together well and I loved every moment of it.” – Georgia Daly (6G)

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