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Week 5,
Term One, 2016

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It started with a drawing, a plan for a cubby. Riley was concerned that the Year 1 playground had no cubby. We tried making one from wood pieces but it didn’t quite work.

We discussed as a group how we could make one and decided some really, really big boxes would be good. Mrs Tayler said she thought her Dad could help, we asked him and John brought in some boxes.

We collaborated together on a plan to join the boxes together to make a two-room house and Mrs Young, who is very good at carpentry, helped us with all the cutting. We met again as a group and decided to add a café and garden and someone suggested we invite the Pre-Preps over to play. We were very proud of our creative problem solving, communication and collaboration. Some students from Year 1E and Year 1S may be thinking of adding a pool.

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