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The Healing Horse




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Week 7, Term Two, 2020

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Off the coast of Fiji lay an island called Sampia. This island was made up of dense, luscious, green forests and golden sand on the beautiful beaches. Sampia was home to 17 clans and one of them included the Eagle clan.

A member of the Eagle clan included a 16-summer old girl called Sahao and she had long straight hair which was the colour of sun kissed hay. Her eyes were emerald green and her skin was tanned from being in the sun too long. Everyone was looking for the horse which was the last of its kind. This rare horse breed was called the healing horse and had been hunted down for decades until there was only one left. This was due to the fact that even a drop of its blood could cure anything.

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Because there would be significant glory and honour bestowed upon the person who finds the horse, Sahao was determined to find it for her clan. As she cautiously and quietly moved through the forest like a jaguar hunting its prey, she spotted it. Through the tangled branches and vines, Sahao saw a horse with a grey coat accompanied with snow white socks and a charcoal black mane and tail. As Sahao moved closer, the beautiful creature turned around revealing its crystal blue eyes which locked with her emerald green eyes. How could she kill this wonderful creature? She decided she wouldn’t ever. As if the horse could read her mind, it elegantly trotted over to her, trusting Sahao with her life. Sahao had heard stories about the only place where the horse breed could be safe and that was behind the waterfall on the northernmost point of the island. Sahao decided to call the horse Zhala. Zhala was swinging her head towards her back as if saying, get on my back, so Sahao did.

The moment she did, horns went off. They were loud. Zhala turned around and looked at Sahao. Sahao could see Zhala’s eyes full of fright, fear, and pleading for help. Sahara knew what to do. She grabbed a chunk of mane in both of her hands and leaned forward. They were off. As they rode, Sahao could see exotic creatures from blue monkeys to green squirrels, when she thought it was safe, Sahao gently tapped Zhala on the back and she slowed down. When Sahao jumped off she wanted a few breaths to admire this part of the forest. She hadn't ever been here before. Sahao barely had two glances at the forest before someone jumped on her, covering her mouth and forcing her to her knees. The mysterious and scary person whispered in her ear, ‘They’re close, don't move, they’re close.’ Sahao let a cry of relief. It was her 19-summer old brother Nalio. He looked quite like Sahao with coffee coloured hair and extremely tan skin but instead of emerald green eyes, Nalio’s eyes were Hazel Brown. They needed to get to the beach so, they both jumped on Zhala and she ran as fast as she could towards the beach.

When they got there, they collapsed on the beach in the shade made by Zhala’s figure. All of a sudden, hot red flames came shooting down on arrows making a circle around Zhala. She was trapped and she was stressed. Sahao screamed in pain as she got hit by one flaming arrow. The Eagle clan came down from their shooting positions and made the way for their clan leader. Nalio had been frozen on the spot from the sudden catastrophe, but now it was time to do something. The clan leader had the honour of killing the last horse. With a knife in his hand, he raised it above his head… ‘NO!’ yelled Nalio. ‘You can't. If you kill her the whole island will collapse. Please. You have to believe me.’ Just in time, the Eagle clan’s Mage came in and said, ‘It's true. Never kill that horse. I've seen it.’ Reluctantly, the clan leader agreed to set Zhala free.

The moment they did, Zhala ran to Sahao. Sahao managed to get herself on Zhala’s back, then Zhala sprinted towards the waterfall. As she entered with Sahao on her back, she was affectionately greeted, much to Sahao’s surprise, by her herd. There were more than 20 healing horses. As Sahao entered the waterfall, she was healed. Although Sahao had to say goodbye, she knew Zhala would be safe and protected by the Eagle clan forever.

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