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Week 5,
Term One, 2017

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On Valentine’s Day, 13 students who love reading came to the first meeting of our Years 3 and 4 book club. After introducing themselves and talking about some of their favourite books, the group voted on a name for the club: the girls chose Rainbow Readers and the boys chose The Book Worms.

We divided into two groups; one for developing readers and one for more confident readers. We also decided on a few ground rules:

2017 - T1 - W5 - Book Club
  • Book club members need to try to read the books we choose and come to the meetings prepared for a great discussion.
  • All members of the book club are required to be kind to each other and to listen to what others have to say.
  • Members should attend book club meetings unless they have a good reason not to.

This was a really fun, social activity and we all enjoyed getting together to share our enthusiasm for books (whilst eating delicious cupcakes)!

We’re looking forward to the next meeting in Mrs Hall’s classroom on Tuesday 20 February from 12.50pm to 1.20pm, where we’ll decide our first official books to read. Remember, it’s not too late to join and we’d love to welcome even more students to the book club.

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