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The Week That Was All About Literature




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Week 7,
Term One, 2016

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In a week that has been so special and in so many ways – and all in the name of literature – we thought we’d let the students’ words capture a little of the week.

Celebration of Literature is exciting because I love seeing the people sing and the fireworks.” - Kate, Year 3

I love Celebration of Literature because I like collecting books and listening to the authors. I also like asking the authors questions and am interested in their answers.” - Ava, Year 3

I love the books at Celebration of Literature and getting to meet the authors. I love the fireworks and ‘Dip ‘n’ Dots’ ice cream. I get a new flavour each year!’ - Luella, Year 4

I enjoy learning the history of the authors and how they were inspired to write their books. I also enjoy how excited everyone gets when the Celebration of Literature comes around.” - Marc, Year 6

I like purchasing the books and getting them signed.” - Ruben, Year 6

I’m excited for Celebration of Literature because you can get writing tips from them – tips that can make anyone of us into future authors. There’s also an awesome Prologue Party, fireworks and a free Photo booth. It really is a unique event and we are really lucky to have it at our wonderful school.” - Ruby, Year 5

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