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The Year 6 Author Safari was Awesome!




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Week 8, Term One, 2016

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Between the classes, Year 6 were able to see several Authors: Tristan Bancks, Andy Jones, Dave Hackett, Luka Lesson, Jacqueline Harvey, Deborah Abela, Francis Watts, C.M.Gray and Leanne Hall.

Every author fed the students useful pieces of information, provided entertainment and of course, many new and varied stories of life and characters.

This is what Year 6 had to say:

'The authors’ inspiration was amazing and the books were great. I bought 'Two Wolves' by Tristan Bancks and 'Jamie Reign' by PJ Tierney'. - Phoenix Chapman

'I really liked Tristan Bancks as he was funny and explained how he writes'. - Ben Gallagher

'All the authors we saw were great. Francis Watts explained how she travelled to different places to experience the setting for her books e.g. she went to a Swiss Castle, Japan and Rome'. - Jackson McMonagle

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