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Week 4, Term Three, 2020

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Me!!! A wee li ell lad was left, abandoned to be arrested and treated like dirt, at 13 years old I’m just surprised my coward of a brother had the guts to do it. Lil lad I was born Buckinghamshire 1819.

I was just 13 years old when I was sentenced to seven years of transportation. Do you know what it’s like to be ditched I know I do, 13 years old!!!!!! And me brother and who I thought to be me friends ditched me! THEY LEFT ME to be sentenced for breaking into a HOUSE the judge didn’t even know he wa there! Then they banished me to that ship called the Isabella even though this ship looked ight it was the ride that was dreadful.

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All that time on that cold, evil ship led me to think of my so called innocent brother and his evil pack of snakes (stomps foot on ground) and how many different ways I would get my revenge. I would just imagine what I would do if they were ere they’d see all the things I’d seen on this horrible thing. How many of my fellow chaps died of sickness and how they starve us and the rats ohh them rats that crawl out and attack oooooohhhh all the things I’ve seen. But once we arrived at this Point Puer I was even more angry.

Twenty-seven days!!!!!!!! Before me first time in solitary the cold and dreadfulness just reminded me of me brother and that group of liars!!! But as the time ere went on I started to lose the plot. But at least I had the sanity to know what I had to do. All that time in solitary led me to never be silenced (stomp foot on ground) I would shout and sing and whenever they tol me to shu it I would grow louder.

But one day me nicked some tabaco and tried to give to another wazzock who got himself trapped ere but I was a bit of a plonker to think I could smuggle some tabaco to me fellow chap.

I was finally released from that god forsaken place on Christmas day 1838. I’d managed to avoid dem troubled beings until me and a fellow chap acted like a couple of wazzocks and robbed some nutter. Then wees where sentenced for life to Van Diemens land and I was back where me was shaped into the man I am today.

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