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William Riley - Monologue by Kaylan




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Week 4, Term Three, 2020

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You know what em say about me, they say, me transported at 14, a flamin’ drunk by 16, and a slaughterer by 29, but listen here matey, let me tell ya what really happened. Me youth was a shamble cause me mom was in an institution and me father I never knew.

At fourteen, indecent behaviour sent me to jail for seven years. One day I found me love but she got taken away to a man called Joseph Shuttleworth.

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They called me ‘inoffensive and orderly’ I HATED that place I tried everything, but I couldn’t get out, so I started refusing to work, absconded, and oh what I had a little drink, wait what the bottles empty! I was constantly being flogged but I did not bail, I stood me ground, and it paid off as I got to leave but then got caught again for being drunk and for living in a dog’s dinner. Thankfully, they didn’t put me in jail again, instead they fined me or chucked me up in the stocks and oooohhhhhh you do not wanna have that. One full flamin’ hour of horror. You get handcuffed and head cuffed even! Ohhhhh those nasty lads they made fun of me and threw apples at me. So, they thought that I was pathetic and weak at first…

They said I got worse, finally, I couldn’t help myself to murder someone. They sent me on a ship to Australia called George the third, kinda a stupid name ain’t it, naming it after a king, even though it killed so many people, it killed 134 fellow chaps, and there were only 294 passengers, that should scare ya. Finally, the travel was over, and I made it to the island called Van’s Diemen's land, they suspected me quiet and orderly, but then, that night, I saw him, that night that no one suspected, I killed him, Joseph Shuttleworth... We were both building a church and I got my pickaxe and did three bloody blows to the head 1, 2, 3!!! BAM!Hold it in ,no more Joseph, no more words except “Now I’m am satisfied”

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