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Year 1s' Lessons from Healthy Harold




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Week 3, Term One, 2020

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Last week Year 1 was very excited about going to visit Healthy Harrold. It was a quick walk down to the van located at Koala House, in between rainy showers.

This year Healthy Harold was teaching the children about the benefits of physical activity, understanding our feelings and ways to stay safe in the community. This links wonderfully with our yearlong inquiry ‘Self-Awareness Facilitates Wellbeing’ where the children are taught how to care for their bodies and minds.

We began our sessions by moving our bodies and observing what happens to us when we do physical activity. The children had many great ideas about why it is important to move our bodies and do physical activities each day in order to keep us fit and healthy. We learnt that Harold was going to run in a relay race to help him and his friends keep their bodies healthy.

Then, Harrold was getting ready for the relay race and his body started to feel funny. The children identified ways that our bodies react when we start to have certain feelings, such as being nervous, just like Harold. The children discussed some things that happen to their bodies when they begin to feel nervous, following this we brainstormed ways to help us feel calm. There were many great ideas shared from talking to someone, taking a deep breath and having a drink of water.

Finally, Year 1 had to put together different puzzles to show a picture of a place in our community. Some examples were the beach, the park and a classroom. The students shared ideas about ways we are safe when we are in these places and what we can do if we feel unsafe.

All of Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Healthy Harold and learnt a lot from the experience. The students came home with a ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ booklet with many exciting, fun and educational activities to complete at home to show their knowledge of the session.

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